Wawayou: A Musical Tribute to the Loh Djiboua Community

Wawayou: A Musical Tribute to the Loh Djiboua Community

Wawayou is a song by Erick Sakré, featuring Alain Djiz, a legend of the Dida music from Ivory Coast. The song is a remake of a classic by Akezo, and it pays homage to the Loh Djiboua community, a subgroup of the Dida ethnic group. The song describes the hypocrisy of some people who are ready to harm their relatives in case of success.

The song is a fusion of traditional Dida rhythms and modern instruments, creating a catchy and lively tune. The lyrics are in Dida language, and they express the pride and solidarity of the Loh Djiboua people. The song also praises the beauty and culture of the region, and invites listeners to visit and enjoy its attractions.

Wawayou is a popular song among the Dida diaspora, and it has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube. It is also a way of preserving and promoting the Dida heritage, which is rich and diverse. Wawayou is a word that means “what are you?” or “who are you?” in Dida, and it is often used as a greeting or a challenge.

Wawayou is not the only song that showcases the talent and diversity of the Dida music. Other artists, such as Sery Simplice, Koudou Zebless, Gbolou, Bagnon, and Yoro Otis, have also contributed to the genre with their songs and albums. Some of the most famous songs are Atto Boigny, Noukowaweli, Yô Kpakpô, Laba Laba, and Hazoumani.

Dida music is characterized by the use of polyrhythms, vocal harmonies, and various instruments, such as drums, flutes, xylophones, rattles, and guitars. The music reflects the social and cultural aspects of the Dida people, such as their history, beliefs, values, ceremonies, and festivals. The music also conveys messages of peace, love, unity, and resistance.

Dida music is part of the larger musical heritage of Ivory Coast, which includes other genres such as zouglou, coupé-décalé, reggae, hip hop, and afrobeat. The country has a vibrant and diverse musical scene, with many artists and groups that have gained international recognition and awards. Some of the most famous ones are Alpha Blondy, Magic System, Dobet Gnahoré, Meiway, Tiken Jah Fakoly, and DJ Arafat.

Wawayou is also a song that inspires and motivates the Dida people, especially the youth, to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The song encourages them to work hard, to be proud of their identity, and to overcome the challenges and obstacles that they may face. The song also reminds them of their roots and their ancestors, who fought for their freedom and dignity.

Wawayou is a song that celebrates the diversity and richness of the Dida culture, which is part of the larger African culture. The song invites people from other cultures and backgrounds to learn more about the Dida people, their music, their language, their traditions, and their values. The song also promotes intercultural dialogue and exchange, as well as mutual respect and understanding.

Wawayou is a song that represents the essence and spirit of the Dida music, which is a music that touches the hearts and souls of the listeners. The song is a musical masterpiece that combines tradition and modernity, emotion and energy, melody and rhythm, message and entertainment. The song is a musical tribute that honors the Loh Djiboua community, and the Dida people in general.

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