TINO DE BAHE: The Star of Krahn Music

TINO DE BAHE: The Star of Krahn Music

TINO DE BAHE is a popular singer and songwriter from the Krahn ethnic group in western Ivory Coast. He is known for his catchy songs that blend traditional Krahn music with modern influences. He sings in Wê, the language of the Krahn people, as well as in French and English.

TINO DE BAHE started his musical career in the early 2000s, when he joined a group called Debaou, which means “the voice of the people” in Wê. He soon became the lead singer and composer of the group, and gained recognition for his talent and charisma. He also collaborated with other artists from different ethnic groups, such as Perroquet, Simon Bozon, Jaures Rossignol, and Toussaint de Bahe.

Some of his most popular songs include “Zahibo Goho”, “Atchin Taehor Bôho”, “Dinon”, “Boya Zon”, and “Hommage a Maman Jeanne”. His songs are often played on radio stations and at social events in Ivory Coast and abroad. He has also performed at several festivals and concerts, such as the Festival of Wê Culture in Blolequin, the Festival of Krahn Music in Zwedru, Liberia, and the United Sixties Born Annual Convention BBQ in Philadelphia, USA.

TINO DE BAHE is not only a musician, but also a cultural ambassador for the Krahn people. He promotes their language, history, traditions, and values through his songs. He also advocates for peace and reconciliation among different ethnic groups in Ivory Coast, especially after the civil war that divided the country in 2002. He is a role model and a source of pride for many young Krahn people who aspire to follow his footsteps.

TINO DE BAHE is also a devoted Christian who expresses his faith through his music. He sings gospel songs that praise God and inspire hope and joy. He belongs to the Musique Religieuse Wê association, which gathers Krahn gospel singers and musicians. He also participates in church activities and events, such as the Easter celebration in Toulepleu.

TINO DE BAHE is married and has four children. He lives in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, where he runs his own studio and production company. He is also involved in social and humanitarian causes, such as supporting orphans, widows, and refugees. He is a generous and humble person who always remembers his roots and his fans.

TINO DE BAHE is one of the most influential and respected artists in the Krahn music scene. He has won several awards and honors for his work, such as the Best Krahn Artist of the Year in 2019. He has also been nominated for the Kora Awards, the African equivalent of the Grammy Awards. He continues to produce new songs and albums that showcase his creativity and versatility. He is a true star of Krahn music.

TINO DE BAHE has a loyal and passionate fan base that follows him on social media and supports his projects. He often interacts with his fans and shares his news and views on his Facebook page and YouTube channel. He also organizes contests and giveaways to reward his fans and encourage them to listen to his music. He is grateful for the love and appreciation he receives from his fans.

TINO DE BAHE has a vision and a mission for his music. He wants to preserve and promote the Krahn culture and identity, as well as the diversity and unity of Ivory Coast. He wants to spread a message of peace and harmony among all people, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or nationality. He wants to inspire and empower the youth to pursue their dreams and overcome their challenges. He wants to glorify God and serve humanity through his music.

TINO DE BAHE is more than just a singer and songwriter. He is a leader, a teacher, a friend, a brother, a father, and a son. He is a legend of Krahn music.

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