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Squinzano: A Symphonic March by Michele Lufrano

Squinzano: A Symphonic March by Michele Lufrano

Squinzano is a symphonic march composed by Michele Lufrano, an Italian musician and conductor. The march is named after Squinzano, a town in the province of Lecce, in the Apulia region of southern Italy. Squinzano is known for its wine production and its musical tradition.

The march was composed in the style of the “marcia sinfonica”, a genre of Italian band music that combines elements of classical symphony and military march. The marcia sinfonica was developed by Gennaro Abbate, a pioneer of band music in Italy, who founded the first band school in Squinzano in 1898. Abbate’s sons, Michele and Giuseppe, were also influential composers and conductors of band music.

Squinzano is one of the most popular and performed marches by Michele Lufrano, who composed many other symphonic marches, such as Fantastica, Firenze, La Classica, Le Dive, Regione Abruzzo, and Casertana. Lufrano’s marches are characterized by their melodic richness, harmonic variety, rhythmic vitality, and expressive dynamics.

The march has a typical A-B-A-C-A structure, with a lively introduction and a triumphant finale. The A section is based on a catchy main theme that alternates between major and minor modes. The B section is a lyrical and romantic interlude that features a solo clarinet. The C section is a contrasting episode that introduces a new theme with a martial character. The march ends with a reprise of the A section and a final coda.

Squinzano is a march that celebrates the beauty and culture of Squinzano and its people. It is a tribute to the musical heritage of the Abbate family and their contribution to the development of band music in Italy. It is also a masterpiece of the marcia sinfonica genre that showcases the skill and creativity of Michele Lufrano.

The march Squinzano has been recorded and performed by many bands and orchestras around the world. Some of the most notable recordings include those by the Banda Musicale della Polizia di Stato, the Banda dell’Esercito Italiano, the Banda della Marina Militare Italiana, and the Banda Sinfonica de la Guardia Civil. The march has also been arranged for various instrumental ensembles, such as brass quintet, saxophone quartet, and piano duo.

The march Squinzano is not only a musical piece, but also a symbol of identity and pride for the people of Squinzano. The march is often played during local festivals and celebrations, such as the patron saint’s day, the grape harvest festival, and the carnival. The march is also used as an anthem for the local sports teams, such as the football club and the cycling team. The march represents the spirit and values of Squinzano: joy, courage, solidarity, and passion.

The march Squinzano is a testament to the power and beauty of band music. It is a work that expresses the emotions and aspirations of a community through sound. It is a work that inspires and moves listeners of all ages and backgrounds. It is a work that honors the past and looks forward to the future. It is a work that deserves to be heard and appreciated by everyone.

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