Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja

Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja: A Heartfelt Song About Letting Go

Sheila On 7 - Mudah Saja: A Heartfelt Song About Letting Go

Sheila On 7 is one of the most popular and influential rock bands in Indonesia. They have been making music since 1996 and have released nine albums so far. One of their most beloved songs is “Mudah Saja”, which means “It’s Easy” in English.

“Mudah Saja” is a song about letting go of someone you love, even if it hurts. The lyrics express the feelings of someone who has decided to end a relationship, but still cares for the other person. The song is sung with a lot of emotion and sincerity, making it relatable and touching for many listeners.

The chorus of the song goes like this:

Mudah saja bagiMu
Untuk berkata maaf
Mudah saja bagiMu
Untuk pergi meninggalkan
Mudah saja bagiMu
Untuk melupakan semua
Tapi tak mudah bagiku
Untuk hidup tanpa cinta

Which translates to:

It’s easy for you
To say sorry
It’s easy for you
To leave me behind
It’s easy for you
To forget everything
But it’s not easy for me
To live without love

The song was released in 2010 as part of their seventh album, titled “Berlayar”. The album was a huge success, selling more than 300,000 copies and winning several awards. “Mudah Saja” was also one of the most requested songs on radio stations and online platforms.

If you are looking for a song that can touch your heart and make you feel the pain and beauty of love, you should listen to “Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja”. You can find it on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

In this article, we will explore some of the background and meaning behind “Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja”. We will also share some of the fans’ reactions and interpretations of the song.

The Background of “Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja”

“Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja” was written by **Eross Candra**, the guitarist and main songwriter of the band. He said that he wrote the song based on his own experience of breaking up with his girlfriend. He said that he wanted to express his feelings of sadness and disappointment, but also his acceptance and respect for her decision.

He also said that he chose the title “Mudah Saja” because he wanted to contrast the easiness of saying sorry and leaving someone with the difficulty of moving on and living without love. He said that he hoped that the song could help other people who are going through similar situations.

The Meaning of “Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja”

The Background of

“Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja” is a song that explores the theme of **letting go**. It tells the story of a man who has been dumped by his girlfriend, but still loves her and wishes her well. He tries to cope with his pain and loneliness, but he also realizes that he cannot force her to stay or love him back.

The song also shows the contrast between the perspectives of the two former lovers. The man feels that it is not easy for him to forget her and live without love, while the woman seems to have moved on easily and does not care about him anymore. The song implies that the woman has been unfaithful or dishonest with him, which makes him feel more hurt and betrayed.

The song also expresses the man’s hope that the woman would feel the same way as him someday. He wonders if she would ever regret leaving him and breaking his heart. He wishes that she would understand how much he loved her and how hard it was for him to let her go.

The Fans’ Reactions and Interpretations of “Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja”

The Meaning of

“Sheila On 7 – Mudah Saja” has received a lot of positive feedback and praise from fans and critics alike. Many people have commented that the song is very relatable and emotional, and that it captures the feelings of anyone who has ever experienced a breakup or a heartbreak.

Some fans have also shared their own stories and interpretations of the song on various platforms, such as YouTube ,, and Some of them have said that the song has helped them to heal from their past relationships, while others have said that the song has made them cry or feel nostalgic.

Some fans have also praised the performance and vocals of **Akhdiyat Duta Modjo**, the lead singer of the band. They have said that he has delivered the song with a lot of passion and emotion, making it more powerful and authentic. They have also complimented his voice quality and range, saying that he has a unique and distinctive style.

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