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Who is Resad Dagli? The Famous Azerbaijani Meyxana Singer

Who is Resad Dagli? The Famous Azerbaijani Meyxana Singer

Resad Dagli is a popular Azerbaijani meyxana singer who has gained fame and recognition for his participation in various TV shows and competitions. He was born on April 21, 1984 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He started his career in 2001, when he joined the “De Gelsin” meyxana contest on Azerbaijani TV channels. He became more popular in 2011, when he participated again in the same contest and impressed the audience with his witty and humorous lyrics.

Meyxana is a traditional Azerbaijani folk art that involves improvised poetry and singing, usually accompanied by a musical instrument called balaban. Meyxana singers, also known as meyxanachi, compete with each other in a friendly manner, using rhymes, metaphors, jokes and satire to entertain the listeners. Resad Dagli is one of the most famous and successful meyxanachi in Azerbaijan, who has collaborated with many other artists and performed at various events and festivals.

Some of his most popular songs include “Zindan Apardi”, “Omrun Yarisini Zindan Apardi”, “Her Seye Verdim Ara”, “Bariqa Mal Satanlar Getsin Oz Evine Satsin” and more. He has also appeared on several reality shows, such as “Mashin Show” on ANS TV in 2015, where he showed his skills in driving and racing. He has a large fan base on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, where he shares his latest songs, videos and news.

However, Resad Dagli’s life and career have not been without controversy and drama. In 2010, he married Naila Suleymanzadeh, with whom he has two children: Yusif and Betul. In 2019, Naila filed for divorce from Resad, citing domestic disputes and violence as the reasons. In 2016, Resad was involved in a car accident on the Baku-Gaza road, where he crashed his Toyota Prado into a concrete pillar. He suffered injuries to his arm, while his friend and fellow singer Perviz Bulbule was wounded in his leg.

The most shocking incident in Resad Dagli’s life occurred on November 9, 2022, when he stabbed and killed a man named Iskender Mehtiyev, who was the relative of his friend and meyxanachi Alekber Yasamalli. The murder took place in Baku’s Garadagh district, after a heated argument between Resad and Iskender. Resad claimed that he acted in self-defense, as Iskender was blackmailing him. He surrendered to the police shortly after the incident and confessed to the crime. He was charged with intentional homicide under Article 120.1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan and was detained for four months by the Garadagh District Court.

Resad Dagli’s fate is now in the hands of the justice system, while his fans and followers are waiting for the outcome of his trial. His music career is on hold, as he faces a possible prison sentence or even death penalty for his actions. His story is a tragic example of how fame and fortune can turn into misfortune and disaster.

Despite his legal troubles, Resad Dagli still has loyal fans and supporters who believe in his innocence and talent. They have launched online campaigns and petitions to demand his release and fair trial. They have also organized protests and rallies in front of the court and the prison where he is held. They claim that Resad Dagli is a victim of a conspiracy and a setup, and that he was provoked and threatened by Iskender Mehtiyev. They also accuse the authorities and the media of bias and corruption, and demand transparency and accountability.

On the other hand, Resad Dagli also has many critics and detractors who condemn his actions and demand justice for Iskender Mehtiyev. They argue that Resad Dagli is a violent and dangerous criminal who deserves the harshest punishment possible. They also question his moral character and integrity, and accuse him of being involved in drug trafficking, gambling, tax evasion and other illegal activities. They also blame him for tarnishing the image and reputation of Azerbaijani meyxana culture and music.

The case of Resad Dagli has divided the Azerbaijani society and sparked a heated debate about the role and responsibility of celebrities and artists in the public sphere. Some argue that Resad Dagli should be treated as any other citizen and held accountable for his actions, regardless of his fame and popularity. Others argue that Resad Dagli should be given special consideration and leniency, as he is a cultural icon and a national treasure. The case has also raised questions about the state of law and order, human rights, freedom of expression, media ethics and social justice in Azerbaijan.

As the trial of Resad Dagli continues, the public awaits the verdict with anticipation and anxiety. Will Resad Dagli be found guilty or innocent? Will he be sentenced to death or to life imprisonment? Will he be pardoned or exonerated? Will he be able to resume his music career or will he be banned from performing? Will he regain his fame and glory or will he be forgotten and disgraced? The answers to these questions will determine not only the fate of Resad Dagli, but also the future of Azerbaijani meyxana music and culture.

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