PTV Vissim v5 2: The Most Advanced and Flexible Traffic Simulation Software

PTV Vissim v5 2: The Most Advanced and Flexible Traffic Simulation Software

PTV Vissim v5 2: The Most Advanced and Flexible Traffic Simulation Software

Are you looking for a traffic simulation software that can help you model complex vehicle interactions realistically on a microscopic level? Do you want to simulate new forms of mobility such as connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) and mobility as a service (MaaS)? Do you need a software that can seamlessly integrate with other transport planning tools and external applications? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider PTV Vissim v5 2, the world’s most advanced and flexible traffic simulation software.

PTV Vissim v5 2 is the latest version of the traffic simulation software developed by PTV Group, a leading provider of mobility solutions. PTV Vissim v5 2 offers many features and benefits that make it the standard traffic simulation software used in over 2,500 cities worldwide[^1^]. Here are some of them:

  • Micro, meso or hybrid simulation: PTV Vissim v5 2 allows you to choose the level of detail for your simulation, depending on your application. You can simulate individual vehicles and pedestrians on a microscopic level, or use a lower level of detail on a mesoscopic level to simulate larger regions in no time. You can also combine both micro- and mesoscopic simulations in a hybrid mode to get the best of both worlds.
  • Traffic emissions modelling: PTV Vissim v5 2 helps you decrease your agency’s emissions and meet your environmental regulations by providing accurate emission results from your traffic simulations. PTV has partnered with Bosch to integrate their cloud-based Air Quality platform, which uses comprehensive country specific traffic and vehicle data to calculate emission results. You can analyze various scenarios, such as changing signal timing control, intelligent traffic systems or vehicle types, and understand how they impact vehicle-based carbon emissions.
  • Intelligent traffic control: PTV Vissim v5 2 helps you check planned measures before you implement them, thereby avoiding costly wrong decisions. You can create a digital model of the nodes and corridors in your city and add different road users and their individual movement sequences and interactions. You can then define customized “what if” scenarios to evaluate operational countermeasures and their impact on the overall traffic flow. PTV Vissim v5 2 also allows you to map a variety of intelligent traffic management systems (or Advanced Traffic Management Systems – ATMS) to stabilize traffic flow and increase traffic safety.
  • Flexible and seamless integration: PTV Vissim v5 2 is part of the PTV Traffic Suite, which means you can seamlessly connect it to other PTV software solutions, such as PTV Visum, the world’s leading traffic planning tool. PTV Vissim v5 2 also has a generic COM interface that allows you to interact with external applications, such as MATLAB or SUMO. PTV Vissim v5 2 is a flexible software that helps expand your microscopic planning simulation into a stable test environment no matter how you choose to utilize it.
  • Quick and simple set-up: PTV Vissim v5 2 is easy to use, and absolutely no scripting required. You can use the intuitive graphical user interface to create your network model using links and connectors, which can represent different geometries – from a standard node to complex intersections. You can also import data from various sources, such as GIS or CAD files, or use the built-in online map service. PTV Vissim v5 2 also has a comprehensive documentation, extensive training programmes, user group meetings as well as a professional customer service and support team.

If you are interested in learning more about PTV Vissim v5 2 or want to request a free trial version, please visit or contact us at

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