musique ya bima – Psaumes 77

Musique ya bima: A Christian Music Group Inspired by Psalm 77

Musique ya bima: A Christian Music Group Inspired by Psalm 77

Musique ya bima is a Christian music group based in Belgium that sings in Lingala, a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries. The group’s name means “music of life” in Lingala, and their songs are inspired by the Bible, especially the Psalms.

One of their most popular songs is “Psaumes 77”, which is based on Psalm 77, a prayer of lament and hope in times of trouble. The song expresses the singer’s anguish and despair, but also his faith and trust in God’s power and love. The song has a catchy melody and a rap verse that adds some contrast and rhythm to the song.

The song was released on YouTube in 2019 and has gained over 53,000 views as of May 2023. The group also released an instrumental version of the song on YouTube in 2020. The song has been praised by many listeners for its uplifting message and its fusion of traditional and modern musical elements.

Musique ya bima has also released other songs on YouTube, such as “Nkolo Yesu oyaki na mokili”, which means “Lord Jesus came to the world” in Lingala. The group has a Facebook page and an Instagram account where they share their music and updates with their fans. They also have a WhatsApp number where people can contact them for bookings or inquiries.

Musique ya bima is a group that aims to spread the gospel and the joy of life through their music. They are influenced by Psalm 77, which reminds them that God is always with them, even when they feel overwhelmed by their problems. They hope that their music will inspire and encourage others to trust in God and to praise him for his wonderful deeds.

Some of the themes that Musique ya bima explores in their songs are the power of prayer, the grace of God, the beauty of creation, and the importance of forgiveness. They also sing about the challenges and struggles that they face as Christians living in a secular world. They use their music as a way of expressing their emotions and their faith, as well as a way of connecting with other believers and sharing the gospel with non-believers.

The group consists of four members: Bima, TonTon.DM, Mukostyleproduction, and Mimi. Bima is the lead singer and the founder of the group. He is also a pastor and a teacher. TonTon.DM is the producer and the rapper of the group. He is also a graphic designer and a photographer. Mukostyleproduction is the co-producer and the mixer of the group. He is also a musician and a songwriter. Mimi is the female vocalist and the dancer of the group. She is also a student and a model.

Musique ya bima is a group that has a passion for music and for God. They are inspired by Psalm 77, which teaches them to remember God’s works and to meditate on his deeds. They hope that their music will touch the hearts of many people and will bring them closer to God.

Musique ya bima is a group that is always looking for new ways to improve their music and to reach more people with their message. They are constantly working on new songs and projects, and they are open to collaborating with other artists and musicians. They also perform live shows and concerts, where they interact with their fans and share their testimonies.

The group has a vision of expanding their ministry and their influence beyond Belgium and Africa. They want to travel to other countries and continents, and to share their music and their faith with different cultures and languages. They believe that music is a universal language that can transcend barriers and boundaries, and that can unite people in worship and praise.

Musique ya bima is a group that is motivated by Psalm 77, which urges them to cry out to God in times of trouble and to trust in his mercy and his salvation. They hope that their music will inspire and empower others to do the same, and to experience the peace and the joy that comes from knowing God.

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