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Lucy Kent: The Artist Who Paints With Light and Colour

Lucy Kent: The Artist Who Paints With Light and Colour

Lucy Kent is a British artist who specializes in landscape painting. She works in oil, both en plein air and from the studio, capturing the changing light and colour of the natural world. Her paintings are vibrant, energetic and immersive, reflecting her direct response to her environment.

Lucy trained originally in portraiture, but felt more drawn to the landscape around her. She taught herself how to paint it, using a knife and a brush to create layers and textures. She travels extensively and has painted in Italy, Madagascar and Sri Lanka; her future plans include India.

Lucy is also the founder of Art for Charity Collective, a global artist collective that raises money for various causes. Since September 2020, they have raised £300,000 through online auctions and events. Lucy is also an ambassador for A Space Between, a non-profit organization that supports mental health and well-being through art.

Lucy’s latest exhibition, Apricity, features paintings made over the winter months. It showcases her ability to find beauty and warmth in the cold and dark season. The exhibition is currently on view at her website, where you can also find more information about her work and biography.

Lucy Kent’s style is influenced by her love of nature and her fascination with light. She often paints at sunrise or sunset, when the colours are most dramatic and varied. She also enjoys painting in different weather conditions, such as rain, fog or snow, to capture the mood and atmosphere of the landscape.

Lucy Kent’s paintings are not realistic representations of the places she visits, but rather her personal interpretations of them. She uses bold colours and expressive strokes to convey her emotions and impressions. She also adds details and elements that interest her most, such as flowers, animals or buildings. She says: “I enjoy the immediacy of working en plein air recording fleeting information as quickly as I can, as the colours change in front of me and my painting changes with them. I use a knife to build layers and enjoy the visceral quality of the paint itself and how it naturally behaves, juxtaposed with picking out details and enhancing parts of the scene that interest me most”.

Lucy Kent’s paintings have been widely exhibited and collected in the UK and abroad. She has also received several awards and recognition for her work, such as being featured in Tatler Magazine and being selected as a finalist for the Artists & Illustrators Artist of the Year Award 2020. She is represented by several galleries, such as Rise Art and Dacre Art, where you can view and purchase her paintings online.

Lucy Kent is not only a talented artist, but also a generous and compassionate person. She believes that art can make a positive difference in the world, and she uses her skills and platform to support various causes that are close to her heart. She says: “I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love and I want to give something back to the world through my art”.

One of the causes that Lucy Kent supports is mental health and well-being. She is an ambassador for A Space Between, a non-profit organization that provides online art therapy sessions and workshops for people who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or trauma. Lucy says: “I know how therapeutic and healing art can be, and I want to help others find their own creative voice and expression”.

Another cause that Lucy Kent supports is Art for Charity Collective, a global artist collective that she founded in 2020. The collective organizes online auctions and events where artists donate their artworks and buyers bid for them. The proceeds go to various charities that the collective chooses, such as UNICEF, Save the Children, NHS Charities Together and more. Lucy says: “I wanted to create a community of artists who share the same vision and passion for making a difference through art. It’s amazing to see how much we have achieved together in such a short time”.

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