Letters to Juliet

How to Write a Letter to Juliet and Get a Reply

How to Write a Letter to Juliet and Get a Reply

If you are a fan of romance, you may have heard of the movie Letters to Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried and Christopher Egan. The film is based on a real-life phenomenon of letter-writing to Shakespeare’s most famous romantic character, Juliet Capulet.

In Verona, Italy, there is a courtyard where a bronze statue of Juliet stands, surrounded by thousands of letters from people all over the world who seek her advice on love. These letters are collected and answered by a group of volunteers known as the “Secretaries of Juliet”.

But how can you write a letter to Juliet and get a reply? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Find a pen and paper. Although you can also send an email or a postcard, writing by hand adds a personal touch and shows your sincerity.
  • Address your letter to “Juliet Capulet, Verona”. You don’t need to write a specific address, as the postal service will deliver it to the right place.
  • Write from your heart. Tell Juliet about your love story, your hopes, your fears, your doubts, your dreams. Be honest and respectful. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings.
  • Ask for her advice. Juliet is not a magic fairy who can grant your wishes, but she can offer you some words of wisdom and encouragement. You can ask her anything related to love, such as how to find your soulmate, how to deal with a breakup, how to overcome jealousy, etc.
  • Sign your letter with your name or a nickname. You can also include your age, country, or any other details you want to share.
  • Send your letter. You can either mail it to “Juliet Capulet, Verona, Italy” or drop it off at the courtyard in person. There is a mailbox near the statue where you can leave your letter.
  • Wait for a reply. The Secretaries of Juliet usually reply within a few weeks or months, depending on the volume of letters they receive. They will send you an email or a letter back with their answer. Be patient and keep an open mind.

Writing a letter to Juliet can be a cathartic and rewarding experience. You may not get the answer you expect, but you will get the answer you need. And who knows? You may even find your own happy ending.

If you are curious about the movie Letters to Juliet, here is a brief summary of the plot. Sophie is a young American woman who works as a fact checker for The New Yorker. She goes on a pre-honeymoon with her chef fiancé Victor to Verona, Italy. Victor is more interested in his restaurant business than in romance, and he often neglects Sophie.

One day, Sophie stumbles upon the courtyard of Juliet and discovers the letters left by people seeking her advice. She joins the Secretaries of Juliet and finds an unanswered letter from 1957, written by a woman named Claire who regretted leaving her lover Lorenzo. Sophie decides to reply to the letter and encourages Claire to look for Lorenzo.

To her surprise, Claire arrives in Verona with her grandson Charlie, who is skeptical and cynical about love. Claire and Sophie embark on a quest to find Lorenzo among the many men with the same name in the area. Along the way, Sophie and Charlie develop feelings for each other, but they also face some challenges and misunderstandings.

Will Claire find her long-lost love? Will Sophie and Charlie admit their true feelings? Will Victor realize his mistake and win Sophie back? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

Letters to Juliet is a charming and heartwarming film that celebrates the power of love across time and distance. It also showcases the beauty of Italy and its culture. The film features a talented cast, including Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, who are married in real life and played the legendary lovers Lancelot and Guenevere in Camelot (1967).

If you are looking for a romantic comedy that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon, Letters to Juliet is a perfect choice. You can watch it on Netflix or rent it online. And don’t forget to write your own letter to Juliet afterwards. You never know what might happen.

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