Lakshya: A War Drama That Inspires You To Follow Your Dreams

Lakshya: A War Drama That Inspires You To Follow Your Dreams

Lakshya: A War Drama That Inspires You To Follow Your Dreams

Lakshya is a 2004 Hindi movie directed by Farhan Akhtar and starring Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Amitabh Bachchan, and Om Puri. The movie tells the story of Karan Shergill (Roshan), an aimless, jobless, irresponsible young man who joins the Indian Army and matures into a brave and patriotic soldier during the 1999 Kargil War.

The movie was praised for its realistic portrayal of the army life, the war scenes, and the performances of the lead actors. The movie also has a motivational message of finding your purpose and pursuing your passion in life. The movie has a cult following among the youth and is considered one of the best war movies of Bollywood.

If you are looking for a high-quality version of Lakshya to watch online or download, you can find it on various torrent sites. However, downloading or streaming movies from illegal sources is a crime and can land you in trouble. Therefore, we advise you to watch Lakshya only on legal platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Hotstar.

Lakshya is a movie that will make you feel proud of your country and inspire you to chase your dreams. If you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out on a gem of Indian cinema.

Lakshya was released on 18 June 2004 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences. The movie was praised for its direction, cinematography, music, and action sequences. The movie also won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Choreography for Prabhu Deva for the song “Main Aisa Kyun Hoon”. The movie was also screened at the International Film Festival of India in 2004.

Lakshya is also known for some interesting trivia and facts. For instance, did you know that the highest crane shot ever done for a feature film was done for Lakshya at 17.796 ft above the Tanglangla Pass in Ladakh? Or that 70% of the gentlemen cadets at the Indian Military Academy told director Farhan Akhtar that they joined the academy after watching Lakshya? Or that Hrithik Roshan wore a wig for his flashback scenes and later regretted it?

Lakshya is a movie that will make you think, feel, and salute the brave soldiers who defend our nation. It is a movie that will inspire you to find your lakshya in life and work hard to achieve it. It is a movie that you should not miss.

Lakshya was not a big commercial success at the box office, but it has gained a cult status over the years. The movie netted around Rs. 23 crore at the domestic box office and grossed $5.8 million worldwide. The movie faced stiff competition from other releases like Hum Tum, Yuva, and Deewaar. The movie also had a limited appeal due to its war theme and long runtime. However, the movie has been appreciated by critics and audiences alike for its quality and message.

Lakshya is a movie that deserves to be watched and celebrated for its cinematic excellence and patriotic spirit. It is a movie that showcases the talent and vision of Farhan Akhtar as a director and Hrithik Roshan as an actor. It is a movie that will stay with you long after you finish watching it.

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