Kgotso Siyabonga Jesu

Kgotso: The Gospel Singer Who Praises Jesus With His Voice

Kgotso: The Gospel Singer Who Praises Jesus With His Voice

Kgotso is a South African gospel singer who has been blessing many people with his songs of worship and praise. He is known for his powerful voice and his ability to sing in different languages, such as Zulu, Sotho, English and Afrikaans. He has released several albums, such as New Dawn, Breath of Life and Secret Place, which feature songs like Siyabonga Jesu, O Mhao, Breathe and Ngibambe.

One of his most popular songs is Siyabonga Jesu, which means “Thank You Jesus” in Zulu. The song is a medley of two songs: Siyabonga Jesu and Siyathokoza, which means “We Are Grateful”. The song expresses gratitude to God for His love, grace and mercy. It also acknowledges that God is the source of life and salvation. The song has been performed by Kgotso in various events and platforms, such as Spirit of Praise, Gospel SA and Sifa Za Yeriko .

Kgotso’s music is inspired by his personal relationship with God and his testimony of how God saved him from a life of drugs and crime. He started singing at a young age in his church choir and later joined a gospel group called Joyous Celebration. He then pursued a solo career and has been ministering to many people through his music. He has also collaborated with other gospel artists, such as Benjamin Dube, Omega Khunou and Neyi Zimu.

Kgotso’s mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through his music and to encourage people to worship God in spirit and in truth. He believes that music is a powerful tool to communicate with God and to touch people’s hearts. He hopes that his music will inspire people to love God more and to live a life of purpose and destiny.

One of Kgotso’s most successful albums is New Dawn, which was released in 2013. The album was recorded live at the Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg and features 15 songs that showcase Kgotso’s versatility and passion. The album includes songs like He Lifted Me Up, Ngibambe, Breathe and Siyabonga Jesu/Siyathokoza. The album also features collaborations with other gospel artists, such as Benjamin Dube, Omega Khunou and Neyi Zimu. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike and was nominated for several awards, such as the SABC Crown Gospel Awards and the Metro FM Music Awards .

Another album that Kgotso released is Ndikhokhele Bawo, which came out in 2020. The album is a collection of 10 songs that express Kgotso’s faith and devotion to God. The album includes songs like Ndikhokhele Bawo, which means “Lead Me Father” in Xhosa, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Morena o Rebolokile, which means “The Lord Has Redeemed Us” in Sotho, and I Need To Worship. The album also features a song called Are Hlolela Melato, which means “We Confess Our Sins” in Sotho and is a prayer of repentance and forgiveness .

Kgotso has also been part of the Spirit of Praise choir, which is a group of gospel singers who perform live concerts and record albums together. Kgotso has been featured on several Spirit of Praise albums, such as Spirit of Praise Vol. 3, Vol. 4 and Vol. 5. Some of the songs that Kgotso has sung with Spirit of Praise are Modimo Urifile, which means “God You Are Alive” in Sotho, Ophuzayo, which means “He Who Heals” in Zulu, Messiah, Rea-Hae, which means “We Have It” in Sotho, and Mahlo Abona, which means “Eyes Have Seen” in Sotho .

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