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Meet Kelli Steele: The Voice of Delaware Public Media

Meet Kelli Steele: The Voice of Delaware Public Media

Kelli Steele is a veteran journalist who has been working in radio and online media for over 30 years. She is currently the morning anchor and reporter for Delaware Public Media, where she covers arts, culture, and local news. She also hosts The Green, a weekly podcast that features stories and interviews about the people and issues that matter to Delaware.

Kelli started her career in Baltimore, where she worked as a news producer and reporter for several stations. She moved to Delaware in 1986 and joined WXDE-FM as a news director and morning co-host. She later worked for WDDE-FM, the predecessor of Delaware Public Media, as a news anchor and reporter. She also spent four years in Phoenix and San Diego, where she worked for various radio stations and websites.

Kelli has won several awards for her work, including honors from the Associated Press and the Delaware Press Association. She has also been named Delaware’s favorite downstate news anchor three times by Delaware Today Magazine. She is passionate about telling stories that inform, inspire, and entertain her listeners.

Kelli lives in Rehoboth Beach with her two cats, Luna and Stella. She enjoys watching sports, especially baseball, basketball, and soccer. She is also a fan of reality TV shows and loves to travel.

One of the topics that Kelli enjoys covering the most is the arts. She says that Delaware has a rich and diverse arts scene, with many talented artists, musicians, writers, and performers. She likes to showcase their work and stories on her podcast, The Green, and on her website, Arts Playlist. She says that the arts are a vital part of the community and that they can bring people together and spark conversations.

Kelli also likes to cover local news that affects the lives of Delawareans. She says that she tries to be fair and accurate in her reporting, and to give voice to different perspectives and opinions. She says that she values the trust and feedback of her listeners, and that she always strives to improve her skills and knowledge. She says that journalism is a rewarding but challenging profession, especially in the digital age.

Kelli says that she loves working for Delaware Public Media, because it is a public service media organization that is dedicated to serving the public interest. She says that Delaware Public Media provides high-quality news and information that is relevant, engaging, and educational. She says that she is proud to be part of a team that is committed to making a difference in Delaware.

When asked about her future goals, Kelli says that she wants to continue to grow as a journalist and a storyteller. She says that she wants to explore new topics and formats, and to reach new audiences. She says that she also wants to mentor and support young journalists who are entering the field. She says that she believes that journalism is a noble and important profession, and that she wants to contribute to its excellence and integrity.

Kelli also says that she wants to enjoy her personal life and hobbies. She says that she likes to travel and see new places and cultures. She says that she has visited many countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and that she plans to visit more in the future. She says that she also likes to spend time with her family and friends, and to relax at home with her cats. She says that she tries to balance her work and personal life, and to have fun and be happy.

Kelli Steele is a journalist who loves her job and her life. She is a voice of Delaware Public Media, and a voice of the people. She is a storyteller who tells stories that matter.

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