What is IR2v_005.rar and how to open it?

IR2v_005.rar is a file name that may appear on your computer or device when you download or receive a compressed archive file. In this article, we will explain what this file is, how to open it, and what it contains.

What is a RAR file?

A RAR file (short for a Roshal Archive Compressed file) is a compressed file, or data container, that holds one or more other files and folders inside of it. Think of a RAR file like a regular folder on your computer, where there are sometimes many other files and folders inside of it for the purpose of organizing them. However, unlike a normal folder, a RAR file needs special software (more on this below) to open and “extract” out the contents.

RAR files are often used to store a collection of files or files that are large in size, such as a camera raw or video file. You may encounter a RAR file via email from a coworker or friend looking to share files or you may download content in a RAR archive from a website. The RAR compressor can also create spanned, or multi-volume, archives, which are split across several compressed files. These files typically have file extensions from .r00 to .r99, or they may all have the standard “.RAR” extension.

How to open a RAR file?

You can extract the files contained within a RAR archive using a variety of decompression utilities, including:

  • RARLAB WinRAR (Windows)
  • Corel WinZip (Windows)
  • Corel WinZip Mac (Mac)
  • B1 Free Archiver (cross-platform)
  • 7-Zip (Windows)
  • The Unarchiver (Mac)

If your RAR archive is split into a multi-volume archive (e.g. you possess a .rar file, an .r01 file, an .r02 file, and so on), you can extract all the files included within the multi-volume archive by opening the archive’s primary RAR file in a decompression utility. Note that, for this to work, all the files contained within the multi-volume archive must be stored in the same folder. Also, you must possess every file included in the archive (e.g. if you have an .r03 file and an .r05 file, but not an .r04 file, you may have trouble extracting your files).

Some RAR archives may be password-protected. To open these archives, you must enter the password used to create the archive when prompted.

What is IR2v_005.rar?

IR2v_005.rar is most likely one of the files that belong to a multi-volume RAR archive. It may contain any type of data that has been compressed with the RAR algorithm. To find out what it contains, you need to have all the other files that make up the archive (e.g. IR2v_001.rar, IR2v_002.rar, etc.) and open them with a decompression utility.

Alternatively, IR2v_005.rar may be an individual RAR archive that has been given an arbitrary name by its creator. In that case, you can open it with any decompression utility that supports RAR files and see what it contains.


RAR files are common compression formats that can store large or multiple files in a reduced size. IR2v_005.rar is either one of the parts of a multi-volume RAR archive or an individual RAR archive with an unusual name. To open it and access its contents, you need to use a decompression utility that supports RAR files.

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