How to use Cubase 6 with eLicenser

How to use Cubase 6 with eLicenser

Cubase 6 is a powerful digital audio workstation that allows you to record, edit, mix and produce music. However, to use Cubase 6, you need a valid license that is stored on a USB-eLicenser or a Soft-eLicenser. In this article, we will explain what eLicenser is, how to activate your Cubase 6 license and how to troubleshoot common issues.

What is eLicenser?

eLicenser is a copy protection device that is required by certain Steinberg products, including versions of Cubase, Nuendo and WaveLab released before 2022[^2^]. There are two types of eLicensers: USB-eLicenser and Soft-eLicenser.

  • A USB-eLicenser is a physical dongle that plugs into your computer’s USB port. It can store multiple licenses for different products and can be used on different computers. You can purchase a USB-eLicenser separately or get one bundled with some products.
  • A Soft-eLicenser is a virtual license container that is stored on your hard disk. It can only store one license for one product and can only be used on one computer. You can create a Soft-eLicenser for free when you install an eligible product.

You can manage your licenses with the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC), a utility that allows you to download, transfer and update your licenses. The eLCC will be installed along with any software that uses eLicenser[^3^]. You can access it via ‘Program Files’ (Windows) or ‘Applications’ (Mac OS X).

How to activate your Cubase 6 license?

What is eLicenser?

To activate your Cubase 6 license, you need an activation code that you receive when you purchase the product. The activation code is a 32-digit number that looks like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

The activation process depends on whether you have a USB-eLicenser or a Soft-eLicenser:

  1. If you have a USB-eLicenser, plug it into your computer and launch the eLCC. Click on ‘Enter Activation Code’ and enter your activation code. The license will be downloaded and stored on your USB-eLicenser.
  2. If you have a Soft-eLicenser, launch the eLCC and make sure you have a valid Soft-eLicenser number displayed on the left side. If not, click on ‘Create new Soft-eLicenser’ and follow the instructions. Then click on ‘Enter Activation Code’ and enter your activation code. The license will be downloaded and stored on your Soft-eLicenser.

Once you have activated your license, you can start using Cubase 6.

How to troubleshoot common issues?

Sometimes, you may encounter some issues with eLicenser, such as:

  • Your license is not recognized by Cubase 6.
  • Your license is missing or corrupted.
  • Your USB-eLicenser is broken or lost.
  • Your Soft-eLicenser is deactivated or damaged.

In most cases, these issues can be easily solved by installing the latest version of the eLCC and performing the ‘Maintenance & Online Synchronization’ task[^1^]. This will update your licenses and fix any errors.

If this does not help, please refer to the following help articles for more information and solutions:

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