How to Find the Serial Number of PSIM 9

How to Find the Serial Number of PSIM 9

How to Find the Serial Number of PSIM 9

PSIM 9 is a powerful software for simulation and design of power electronics, motor drives, power conversion, and control systems. It is widely used by researchers, engineers, and students in the field of electrical engineering. If you have installed PSIM 9 on your computer, you may need to find the serial number of your license for activation, registration, or troubleshooting purposes. Here are some ways to find the serial number of PSIM 9:

  1. If you have purchased PSIM 9 from Powersim Inc., you should have received an email confirmation with the serial number. Check your inbox or spam folder for the email from
  2. If you have downloaded PSIM 9 as a free teaching license from Powersim Inc., your professor should have received an email with the serial number. Ask your professor for the email from
  3. If you have installed PSIM 9 from a CD-ROM or a USB drive, you should find a sticker with the serial number on the CD-ROM case or the USB drive.
  4. If none of the above methods work, you can try to run PSIM 9 and go to Help > About PSIM. You should see a window with the serial number and other information about your license.

If you still cannot find the serial number of PSIM 9, you can contact Powersim Inc. for support. You can visit their website at or call them at +1-301-528-0390.


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Benefits of PSIM 9

PSIM 9 is not only a fast and accurate simulation tool, but also a comprehensive design and development platform for power electronics and motor control applications. PSIM 9 offers many benefits that can help engineers and students achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. Some of the benefits of PSIM 9 are:

  • Intuitive and easy to use: PSIM 9 has a friendly user interface that allows users to create and modify circuits, run simulations, and analyze results with ease. PSIM 9 also provides a rich library of components, models, and examples that cover various power electronics and motor control topics.
  • Accuracy you can trust: PSIM 9 has been validated by many users and researchers over the years. PSIM 9 can simulate complex systems with high fidelity and accuracy, and produce results that match well with experimental data.
  • Get ideas to market faster: PSIM 9 can speed up the design and development process by enabling rapid prototyping, testing, and optimization of power electronics and motor control systems. PSIM 9 also supports embedded code generation, which allows users to generate C code from their control schematics automatically and run it on physical hardware for real-time operation.
  • Links easily to other engineering platforms: PSIM 9 can integrate with other software tools and platforms, such as MATLAB/Simulink, FEA software, Spice simulators, LabVIEW, etc. This allows users to leverage the strengths of different tools and platforms for their specific needs.
  • Custom C code: PSIM 9 allows users to write their own C code for custom models, controllers, or functions. This gives users more flexibility and control over their simulations and designs.
  • Comprehensive motor drive library: PSIM 9 provides a comprehensive library of motor drive models, including induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless DC motors, switched reluctance motors, etc. Users can easily simulate different types of motor drives with various control methods and modulation schemes.
  • Rapid AC sweep analysis: PSIM 9 can perform AC sweep analysis for linear or nonlinear circuits quickly and easily. Users can obtain the frequency response of a circuit or system without having to linearize it or use small-signal models.
  • Flexible control simulation: PSIM 9 can simulate different types of controllers, such as analog controllers, digital controllers, state-space controllers, fuzzy logic controllers, etc. Users can also design their own controllers using graphical or textual methods.


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