How to Activate JPEGmini Pro on Windows

How to Activate JPEGmini Pro on Windows

How to Activate JPEGmini Pro on Windows

JPEGmini Pro is a photo optimization software that reduces the file size of JPEG photos by up to 80% while preserving the resolution and quality of the original photos. It can help you store more photos on your hard drive, upload them faster to the web, and improve your website performance and SEO. JPEGmini Pro also supports video resizing, and it can be integrated with Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture One plugins.

If you want to use JPEGmini Pro on your Windows computer, you need to activate it with a license key that you can purchase from the official website[^2^]. Here are the steps to activate JPEGmini Pro on Windows:

  1. Download and install JPEGmini Pro from
  2. Launch JPEGmini Pro and click on the “Activate” button at the top right corner of the window.
  3. Enter your email address and license key in the fields provided and click on “Activate”.
  4. You will see a confirmation message that your activation was successful.
  5. You can now use JPEGmini Pro to optimize your photos and videos.

If you have any questions or issues with JPEGmini Pro, you can visit the FAQ page[^1^] or contact the support team[^2^]. Enjoy using JPEGmini Pro and saving space and bandwidth with your optimized images!

Benefits of JPEGmini Pro

JPEGmini Pro is not just a simple compression tool, but a powerful solution that offers many benefits for photographers and web developers. Here are some of the main advantages of using JPEGmini Pro:

  • Save space and bandwidth: JPEGmini Pro can reduce the file size of your photos by up to 80%, which means you can store more photos on your hard drive, cloud storage, flash drives, and other devices. You can also upload and download your photos faster, saving time and bandwidth costs.
  • Preserve quality and resolution: JPEGmini Pro uses a patented image optimization technology that does not compromise the quality or resolution of your photos. You can print your photos at the same size as the originals, and they will look exactly the same. You can also zoom in and compare your photos at 100% and not see any visible artifacts or loss of detail.
  • Improve website performance and SEO: JPEGmini Pro can help you optimize your website images and make your web pages load faster. This can improve user experience, engagement, conversion, and retention. It can also boost your SEO ranking, as Google considers page speed as one of the factors for ranking websites.
  • Integrate with your workflow: JPEGmini Pro can fit into your workflow with its stand-alone app, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One plugins. You can also use it with other image editors or compression software. We recommend using JPEGmini Pro as the last step in your photo processing flow, to get the best results.
  • Support video resizing: JPEGmini Pro 3.5 supports video resizing for MP4 files up to 4K resolution. You can resize your videos by up to 50% while maintaining their quality and aspect ratio. This can help you save space and bandwidth for your video files as well.

JPEGmini Pro is a must-have tool for anyone who works with JPEG images or videos. It can help you save space and bandwidth, preserve quality and resolution, improve website performance and SEO, and integrate with your workflow. You can try it for free for 14 days from and see the difference for yourself.

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