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Hannah Turlington: A Storyteller Through Art

Hannah Turlington: A Storyteller Through Art

Hannah Turlington is a mixed media artist and researcher who creates stunning works of art that reflect her life and emotions. She works with printmaking, textiles, acrylics, charcoal and more to tell stories that resonate with others. Her work explores themes such as femininity, conformity, infertility and adoption.

In this article, we will introduce you to Hannah Turlington’s art and how you can connect with her through her website, workshops and exhibitions.

What is Hannah Turlington’s Art About?

Hannah Turlington’s art is about expressing herself and sharing her experiences with others. She says: “Creativity connects with who I really am and who I want to be”. Hannah draws inspiration from life and nature to create beautiful designs for textiles and products. She also uses her art as a way of coping with challenges and healing from trauma.

One of the main themes in Hannah’s work is the experiences and expectations of women and how they impact their identity. She challenges the notion of conformity and celebrates diversity and individuality. She says: “I am a storyteller, telling the stories of life that some others may shy away from”.

Another theme in Hannah’s work is the journey of infertility and adoption. Hannah has been open about her struggles with conceiving and her decision to adopt a child. She uses her art to process her feelings and to raise awareness about these issues. She says: “I tell the story of my life through my work which resonates with others”.

How Does Hannah Turlington Create Her Art?

What is Hannah Turlington's Art About?

Hannah Turlington works with a variety of media and techniques to create her art. She loves the process of printmaking, especially lino printing, which involves carving a design into a block of linoleum and then transferring it onto paper or fabric using ink. Hannah says: “I love the method process of creating a print, from the initial concept to the printing”.

Hannah also works with textiles, acrylics, charcoal and other materials to create mixed media pieces that combine different textures, colors and forms. She often hand stitches and hand prints her textiles to add a personal touch. She says: “I am exploring mixed media and the ways in which it can be combined with the print making processes”.

Hannah’s work is often composed of many stages and takes a lot of time and effort to complete. Some of her prints take over 50 hours to make and are produced in limited editions of 5 for exhibition pieces. Hannah says: “I am a reflective artist and I am committed to sharing my work that says something”.

How Can You Connect With Hannah Turlington?

How Does Hannah Turlington Create Her Art?

If you are interested in Hannah Turlington’s art and want to learn more about her, you can visit her website hannahturlingtondesigns.com. There you can find her portfolio, blog, online shop, contact details and more.

You can also book workshops with Hannah at her home studio in North Yorkshire, where you can learn how to create your own lino prints or textile products. Hannah says: “I run workshops for those that want to connect, not only with their creativity but with themselves and like minded people”. You can find more information about her workshops on her website.

Another way to connect with Hannah is to visit her exhibitions, where you can see her work in person and meet the artist herself. Hannah regularly participates in events such as Ryedale Open Studios, where she showcases her work alongside other local artists. You can find out more about her upcoming exhibitions on her website or social media.


How Can You Connect With Hannah Turlington?

Hannah Turlington is a talented artist who uses her creativity to tell stories that touch people’s hearts. Her work is diverse, expressive and meaningful. She invites you to connect with her through her website, workshops or exhibitions and discover the beauty of her art.

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