FNF Glitched legends Mod

FNF Glitched Legends Mod: A Musical Adventure with Corrupted Characters

FNF Glitched Legends Mod: A Musical Adventure with Corrupted Characters

FNF Glitched Legends Mod is a fan-made modification of the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’. In this mod, the player has to help Boyfriend rap-battle against some legendary cartoon characters that have been corrupted and glitched by a virus that escaped from the Pibby Universe. The mod features characters from various shows and games, such as Ben 10, Gravity Falls, Angry Birds, Tom & Jerry, DDLC, FNAF, and more.

The mod has 10 weeks of content, each with different songs and opponents. Some of the songs are remixes of the original FNF songs, while others are original compositions. The mod also has some unique mechanics, such as bullet dodging, pea shooting, and glitch effects. The mod is challenging and fun, with catchy tunes and colorful graphics.

The mod was created by Dusttoybonnie, with the help of a team of developers, artists, composers, and charters. The mod is available for free download on Game Jolt and other websites. The mod is still in development, and the creators plan to add more weeks and characters in the future.

FNF Glitched Legends Mod is a must-play for fans of Friday Night Funkin’ and cartoon characters. It is a creative and original mod that showcases the talent and passion of the FNF modding community.

Some of the highlights of the mod are:

  • Week 0: Boyfriend faces Pibby Pico, a glitched version of his old friend Pico, on the song “Blammed Pibby”.
  • Week 1: Boyfriend encounters Pibby Ben 10, a fusion of Ben and his alien forms, on the songs “It’s Hero Time” and “Upgraded”.
  • Week 2: Boyfriend meets Pibby Bill Cipher and the other Gravity Falls characters, who have been corrupted by the glitched falls, on the songs “Otherworldly Open”, “Mystery Twins”, and “Glitchmageddon”.
  • Week 3: Boyfriend battles Pibby Red Bird and Pibby Peashooter, who have been infected by the virus and turned into angry plants and zombies, on the songs “Birds and Botany” and “Missing Anomalies”.
  • Week 4: Boyfriend challenges Pibby Tom, who has been driven mad by the mouse chase, on the song “Pratfallen”.
  • Week 5: Boyfriend confronts Pibby Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, who have been granted too many wishes and become twisted, on the songs “Wish Come True” and “Worth Wishing For”.
  • Week 6: Boyfriend faces Pibby Monika, who has hacked into the game and taken control of the other DDLC characters, on the songs “RGB Blammed” and “Just Monika”.
  • Week 7: Boyfriend encounters Pibby Freddy Fazbear and his animatronic friends, who have been glitched and possessed by the virus, on the songs “Freddy’s Funkin’ Night” and “Glitched Out”.
  • Week 8: Boyfriend meets Pibby Sans and Pibby Frisk, who have been corrupted by the dust and the glitch, on the songs “Dusttale Megalovania” and “Glitchtale Megalovania”.
  • Week 9: Boyfriend battles Pibby Fred Flintstone and his prehistoric pals, who have been warped by the glitch into modern times, on the songs “Yabba Dabba Doo” and “Rockin’ Rollin'”.

Will Boyfriend be able to save the legends from the glitch? Will he be able to defeat the virus and restore order to the multiverse? Find out in FNF Glitched Legends Mod!

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