fandango not letting me buy tickets

Fandango Users Report Problems with Buying Tickets Online

Fandango Users Report Problems with Buying Tickets Online

Fandango, a popular service that sells movie tickets through its website, mobile apps and over the phone, has been experiencing some technical issues lately. Some users have reported problems with logging in, checking out, or redeeming their VIP+ points on the platform.

According to Downdetector, a website that tracks outages and problems of various services, Fandango has received a spike in complaints in the past 24 hours. The most common issues reported by users are related to ticketing (63%), website (25%), and app (13%). Some users have also shared their frustrations on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Fandango has not officially acknowledged or addressed the problem yet, but some users have contacted their customer support and received a response that there is a glitch in the system. Fandango advises users who need a refund or exchange to use their Fandango VIP account and click the “Can’t Make The Show” link next to their order. Users who don’t have a VIP account can create one using the same email address that they used to purchase their tickets.

Fandango is one of the leading online movie ticketing services in the US, with over 36 million monthly visitors and partnerships with more than 30,000 screens nationwide. It also offers perks and rewards for its loyal customers through its VIP+ program.

However, some users are not satisfied with Fandango’s refund or exchange policy, as they claim that it is too restrictive or complicated. Some users have reported that they were unable to cancel their tickets even before the posted showtime, or that they had to pay a convenience fee for the exchange. Some users also complained that they did not receive their VIP+ points after purchasing their tickets, or that they could not redeem them for rewards.

Some users have suggested alternatives to Fandango, such as buying tickets directly from the theater’s website or app, or using other online ticketing services like Atom Tickets or Some users have also expressed their hope that Fandango will fix the problem soon and improve its customer service.

Fandango has not yet provided an update on the status of the problem or an estimated time for its resolution. Users who are experiencing problems with Fandango can contact their customer support through their website or chat widget, or tweet them at @fandango.

The problem with Fandango comes at a time when movie theaters are trying to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many of them to close or operate at reduced capacity for months. Moviegoers are eager to return to the big screen, especially with the release of some highly anticipated films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Matrix Resurrections, and The King’s Man.

Fandango has been a key partner for movie theaters, as it helps them reach more customers and increase their ticket sales. Fandango also provides movie-related content and information, such as trailers, reviews, ratings, and showtimes, to help users decide what to watch and where to watch it. Fandango also owns Rotten Tomatoes, a popular website that aggregates critic and user reviews for movies and TV shows.

Fandango’s mission is to make every movie experience the best it can be. However, with the recent technical issues, some users may feel that Fandango has failed to deliver on its promise. Fandango will have to work hard to restore its reputation and trust among its customers, as well as its partners in the movie industry.

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