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Deva Deva: The Soulful Song From Brahmastra That Captivates The Listeners

Deva Deva: The Soulful Song From Brahmastra That Captivates The Listeners

Deva Deva is a song from the upcoming Bollywood movie Brahmastra, starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan. The song is composed by Pritam, sung by Arijit Singh, Amitabh Bhattacharya and Jonita Gandhi, and written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The song was released on August 8, 2022, and has received rave reviews from the critics and the audience alike.

The song is a fusion of classical and contemporary music, with a blend of Sanskrit and Hindi lyrics. The song expresses the intense love and devotion between the protagonists of the movie, who are on a quest to find the Brahmastra, a powerful weapon that can save the world from evil. The song also showcases the stunning visuals of the movie, which is set in a fantasy world of ancient India.

Deva Deva has been praised for its melodious tune, soulful vocals, poetic lyrics and captivating orchestration. The song has also been appreciated for its spiritual and mystical elements, which resonate with the theme of the movie. The song has become a hit among the fans of the movie and the singers, and has garnered millions of views on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Deva Deva is one of the tracks from the Brahmastra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), which also features other songs by Pritam and various artists. The movie is directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar. The movie is expected to release in 2023.

Shiva, Isha and Anish reach Guruji’s Ashram, where they meet Guruji, a wise sage who is the leader of the Brahmansh community. Guruji reveals that Shiva is an astra, a weapon of enormous energy that can be activated by his pyrokinetic powers. He also tells them that the Brahmāstra is hidden in three parts across India, and that they must find them before Junoon does. Junoon is an ancient evil queen who wants to use the Brahmāstra to destroy the world and create a new one in her image.

Guruji gives them the first clue to find the first part of the Brahmāstra, which is located in London. He also gives them a special device called the Astrameter, which can detect the presence of astras and their energy levels. Shiva, Isha and Anish embark on their journey to London, where they encounter many dangers and challenges along the way. They also learn more about their past lives and their connection to the Brahmāstra.

In London, they meet Mohan Bhargav’s daughter Savitri Devi, who is also a scientist and a member of the Brahmansh community. She helps them locate the first part of the Brahmāstra, which is hidden in a museum. However, they are attacked by Junoon’s army of mercenaries and supernatural creatures. Shiva manages to activate the first part of the Brahmāstra with his fire power, but Junoon arrives and steals it from him. She also reveals that she is Shiva’s mother, who abandoned him when he was a baby.

Shiva is shocked and devastated by this revelation, and loses his confidence and will to fight. Isha tries to console him and tells him that he is not defined by his past, but by his choices. She also confesses her love for him, and they share a kiss. Anish motivates them to continue their mission and find the remaining parts of the Brahmāstra. They contact Guruji, who gives them the second clue to find the second part of the Brahmāstra, which is located in Thailand.

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