Daxiang Dict Android App

Daxiang Dict: A Handy Guide for Chinese and Thai Learners and Travelers

Daxiang Dict: A Handy Guide for Chinese and Thai Learners and Travelers

Daxiang Dict is an Android app that collects more than 100,000 Chinese and Thai words. It is suitable for those who want to study Chinese and Thai, as well as for those who need a handy guide for traveling or using in everyday life.

Some of the features of Daxiang Dict are:

  • Search for words in many formats. Choose to use with a variety of keyboards. with a help to filter words to find them quickly.
  • Show Simplified Chinese Characters Chinese(Simplified) , Traditional Chinese Chinese(Traditional) , pinyin and jyutping.
  • You can choose to listen to the vocabulary of Thai, Chinese and Cantonese from the audio recorded by a native speaker.
  • All words are in the application itself. can carry on travel without the need for internet connection.
  • There is a record of search history.
  • The font can be adjusted to 3 sizes for easy reading.
  • Translate directly from native speakers resulting in translations that match the true meaning of each language without using information from the Internet or ready-made programs.

Daxiang Dict is developed by Praveenud Apiwattanahirun, who also created other apps for learning Chinese and Thai, such as Daxiang Test, Daxiang Talk, and Daxiang HSK. You can download Daxiang Dict from Google Play Store for $4.49 .

Benefits of Learning Chinese and Thai

Learning Chinese and Thai can bring many benefits to learners, such as enhancing their career prospects, personal growth, and cultural awareness. Here are some of the reasons why learning these two languages is important:

  1. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over 1.3 billion speakers. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Learning Chinese can help you communicate with a large population of people and access a rich and diverse culture.
  2. Thai is the official language of Thailand, a popular tourist destination and an emerging economy in Southeast Asia. Learning Thai can help you travel, work, and study in Thailand, as well as appreciate its unique history, art, and cuisine.
  3. Both Chinese and Thai are tonal languages, which means that the pitch of a syllable changes its meaning. Learning these languages can help you develop your listening and speaking skills, as well as your musical abilities.
  4. Both Chinese and Thai have different writing systems from English. Chinese uses characters that represent words or concepts, while Thai uses an alphabet that indicates vowels and tones. Learning these writing systems can help you improve your memory, creativity, and visual-spatial skills.
  5. Both Chinese and Thai have different cultures of learning from English. They emphasize different aspects of effective teaching and learning styles, such as memorization, repetition, group work, and respect for authority. Learning these cultures can help you broaden your perspective, adapt to different situations, and collaborate with others.

In conclusion, learning Chinese and Thai can be a rewarding and enriching experience that can benefit you in many ways. If you are interested in learning these languages, you can try Daxiang Dict, a handy app that collects more than 100,000 Chinese and Thai words. It can help you search for words in various formats, listen to native speakers’ pronunciation, translate without internet connection, and adjust the font size for easy reading.

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