Cross Bottom

Cross Bottom: A Band with a Passion for Music

Cross Bottom: A Band with a Passion for Music

Cross Bottom is an Indonesian band that was formed in 1994 by four high school friends: Anton Septiadi, Army Virmansyah, Hiswara Banu and Noor Ali. The band’s name comes from their habit of wearing cross-shaped earrings on their bottom ears. Cross Bottom is known for their pop rock songs that often express love, longing and forgiveness.

Some of their popular songs include “9 Tahun”, “Maafkan Aku”, “Lagu Cinta” and “Dia Yang Bertahan”. The band has released four albums so far: Cross Bottom (2000), 9 (2003), Dua Hati (2006) and Cross Bottom 2012 (2012). They have also collaborated with other artists such as Fade2Black, Ari Lasso and Blackout. Cross Bottom has won several awards and nominations, such as the AMI Award for Best Pop Group in 2004 and the SCTV Music Award for Best Pop Album in 2007.

Cross Bottom is still active in the music industry and often performs in various events and festivals. They have a loyal fan base that supports their music and career. Cross Bottom is a band that shows their passion for music through their songs and performances.

In recent years, Cross Bottom has faced some challenges and changes in their career. In 2018, they lost their drummer, Hiswara Banu, who passed away due to a heart attack. The band paid tribute to him by releasing a song titled “Selamat Jalan Sahabat” (Farewell, Friend). In 2020, they also parted ways with their longtime label, Sony Music Entertainment, and decided to go independent. They said they wanted to have more freedom and creativity in making music.

Despite these difficulties, Cross Bottom has not given up on their passion for music. They have continued to release new songs and videos on their YouTube channel and social media platforms. They have also participated in various online concerts and events during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have expressed their gratitude to their fans for their support and loyalty. Cross Bottom has also hinted at working on a new album that will showcase their musical evolution and maturity.

Cross Bottom has also shared their views and insights on various topics related to music and life in general. In several interviews, they have talked about their musical influences, their creative process, their challenges and achievements, their hopes and dreams, and their advice for aspiring musicians. They have also expressed their opinions on the current state of the music industry, the impact of social media and streaming platforms, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Some of the highlights from their interviews are:

  • They cite bands such as U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, Oasis, and Muse as some of their musical influences. They also admire Indonesian artists such as Dewa 19, Sheila on 7, Padi, and Slank.
  • They usually write songs based on their personal experiences, emotions, and observations. They also get inspiration from movies, books, news, and other sources. They try to make their songs relatable and meaningful to their listeners.
  • They have faced many challenges in their career, such as losing a band member, changing labels, dealing with piracy, coping with the pandemic, and adapting to the changing trends and tastes of the audience. They have overcome these challenges by staying positive, resilient, and supportive of each other.
  • They have achieved many things in their career, such as winning awards, performing in big events and festivals, collaborating with other artists, reaching millions of views and streams online, and gaining loyal fans. They are proud of these achievements but they are also humble and grateful for them.
  • They have many hopes and dreams for their future, such as releasing more albums, touring more countries, expanding their fan base, exploring new genres and styles of music, and making a positive impact on society through their music.
  • They have some advice for aspiring musicians who want to pursue a career in music. They suggest that they should be passionate about music, practice hard, learn from others, be open-minded and flexible, be original and authentic, be professional and respectful, be confident but not arrogant, be humble but not insecure, and be optimistic but realistic.

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