Audi Navigation Plus RNS-D: How to Update Maps for Bulgaria

Audi Navigation Plus RNS-D: How to Update Maps for Bulgaria

Audi Navigation Plus RNS-D: How to Update Maps for Bulgaria

Audi Navigation Plus RNS-D is a navigation system that was installed in some Audi models from 1994 to 2009. It uses CD discs with maps from Blaupunkt Travelpilot DX series. The system has a color display, a 6-disc changer, a microphone and a phone cradle, but no TV tuner or rear view camera input.

Unfortunately, the RNS-D system does not have maps for Eastern Europe and Bulgaria, and they were never made by Blaupunkt. The latest maps that were released are from 2013-2014 and cover only Western Europe. This means that if you drive in Bulgaria with your RNS-D system, you will not have any navigation guidance or points of interest.

However, there is a way to update your maps for Bulgaria using a third-party software and a compatible GPS module. This software is called iGO 8 and it can run on your RNS-D system using a video input from the GPS module. You will need to buy a GPS module that has a video output and an SD card slot, such as this one:

Then you will need to download the iGO 8 software and the latest maps for Bulgaria from this link:

Copy the iGO 8 folder and the map files to an SD card and insert it into the GPS module. Connect the video output of the GPS module to the video input of your RNS-D system using a cable like this one:

Now you can switch your RNS-D system to TV mode and you will see the iGO 8 interface on your screen. You can use the touch screen or the remote control of the GPS module to operate the software. You can also use the microphone and the phone cradle of your RNS-D system to make hands-free calls with your phone connected to the GPS module via Bluetooth.

With this method, you can enjoy updated maps for Bulgaria and other countries on your Audi Navigation Plus RNS-D system. You can also use other features of iGO 8 such as speed camera alerts, lane guidance, 3D buildings and landmarks, voice guidance and more.

Before you start using iGO 8 on your RNS-D system, you may need to adjust some settings to optimize the performance and compatibility. For example, you may need to change the screen resolution, the language, the units, the map view and the sound volume. You can access the settings menu by tapping on the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Another thing you may want to do is to backup your original RNS-D software and maps in case you want to restore them later. You can do this by using a CD burner and a blank CD disc. You will need to insert the original map disc into your RNS-D system and press the NAV button. Then you will need to press and hold the MENU button until a hidden menu appears. From there, you can select the option to copy the software and maps to a CD disc.

One of the advantages of using iGO 8 on your RNS-D system is that you can update your maps more frequently and easily. You can download new maps from various sources online and copy them to your SD card. You can also use a program called Naviextras Toolbox to manage your maps and other content on your SD card. You can download Naviextras Toolbox from this link:

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