ABAGISANGIO: A Popular Kisii Song by Kirwanda Junior

ABAGISANGIO: A Popular Kisii Song by Kirwanda Junior

Abagisangio is a Kisii song by Charles Nyagwoka Otiso, also known as Kirwanda Junior, a popular musician from the Gusii community in Kenya. The song was released in 2022 and has over 9,000 views on YouTube. Abagisangio means “those who are happy” in the Kisii language.

The song is a collaboration with Peter Sagero, another well-known Kisii artist, who also features in the video. The song is a celebration of life and happiness, and encourages people to enjoy themselves and appreciate their blessings. The song has a catchy tune and a lively dance that appeals to many fans of Kisii music.

Kirwanda Junior is the son of Charles Nyagwoka Otiso, a veteran Kisii musician who passed away in 2018. He inherited his father’s talent and passion for music, and has continued his legacy by producing songs that promote the Gusii culture and values. Some of his other songs include Rituko Omonto Arakwe, Ebunda, and Egekone. He also performs with his brothers Thomas Nyagwoka and Justus Isaac Ongeri as part of the Kirwanda Junior Vol.1 Gusii Benga Original band.

Kisii music is a genre of music that originates from the Gusii community in western Kenya. It is characterized by fast-paced rhythms, energetic vocals, and traditional instruments such as the obokano (a stringed instrument), the nyatiti (a lyre), and the litungu (a lute). Kisii music is mainly sung in the Kisii language, also known as Ekegusii, which belongs to the Bantu family of languages.

Kisii music has a rich history and culture that reflects the values and beliefs of the Gusii people. Some of the themes that are common in Kisii music include love, marriage, family, morality, religion, politics, and social issues. Kisii music also serves as a medium of education, entertainment, and communication among the Gusii people.

Kisii music has evolved over time to incorporate modern influences and styles such as benga, reggae, hip hop, and gospel. Some of the popular Kisii musicians who have contributed to the growth and diversity of Kisii music include Douglas Otiso, Sungusia Band, Babu Gee Omosayansi, Miggy Champ, Forever Young Kenya, Peter Sagero, Kirwanda Junior, Amida, Mash Wonder, Vicky Young, Faith Stan, Man Sango, Kudu MC, and many others. Some of the popular Kisii songs that have gained popularity across Kenya and beyond include Abagisangio, Sesenia, Chinkondi, Egetinginya, Ntwarwara, Noraita, and many others.

Kisii music is not only enjoyed by the Gusii people, but also by other Kenyans and foreigners who appreciate its unique sound and message. Kisii music has been featured in various local and international platforms, such as radio, television, online media, and live concerts. Kisii music has also been recognized and awarded by various organizations, such as the Kenya Music Awards, the Kisii County Government, and the Gusii Creative Awards.

Kisii music is also celebrated through various festivals and events that showcase the talent and diversity of Kisii musicians and dancers. Some of these festivals include the Gusii Cultural Festival, the Kisii Music Festival, the Kisii Folk Dance Festival, and the Kisii Benga Festival. These festivals aim to promote Kisii music and culture, as well as to provide a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their skills and network with other stakeholders in the music industry.

Kisii music is a vibrant and dynamic genre of music that reflects the identity and aspirations of the Gusii people. It is a source of pride and joy for many who love and appreciate its beauty and richness. Kisii music is also a way of preserving and promoting the Kisii language and culture, as well as a means of expressing social commentary and advocacy on various issues affecting the Gusii community and Kenya at large.

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